Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Red Hot

Another abstract image, that has been tinted red to give the impression of heat, untouchableness.

Blue Rivets

I was looking for subjects that would make good abstract images. I like the consistency of the colour and sense of infinity about the number of rivets on this bridge structure.

Gallery viewer

There is something about watching people viewing exhibts in art galleries that interests me. Maybe its the deep concentration on the viewer's face. I love the silouhette of my daughter in this picture and her reflection in the window.

On yer bike

One of my favourite images, shot on 35mm film. I love the shameless neglect of this bike, which was quite rusty, but is ridden to work every day by its owner.

French Landscapes

An overcast day, but I think this helped by creating diffused lighting and added to the calmness of the scene. These pictures were taken by the River Seine in Normandy, about 1 and an half hours drive from Paris, in Gaillard.


I have been looking forsome dramatic sunset seascapes for a while and found some in wonderful Margate.
Turner enjoyed the light here, too.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Golden kiss

I couldn't resist these candid shots of two lovers on London's Southbank at sunset. I loved the glorious light, and their lack of inhibition! The daisies hopefully give the image some depth. 
Captured with an Olympus E-P1, 42mm, f13, 1/25, ISO 200