Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cover Girl

Images of Anna Friel shot from a magazine and rearranged as a collage. The Polaroid treatment of the smaller images represents the instant and ephemeral nature of celebrity.

Rally stage

It's hard to capture the sense of speed, the loud reports, whizzes and pops of the high powered engine, or the ferocity of the car skidding across gravel and dried earth. This is the closest I could get without resorting to video.

Tryptich: Green Tree

I saw this tree in the depths of winter and liked the strong lines of the branches and their randomness. As a tryptich, it enables you to look at each section in more detail; or appreciate it as a whole.

Best of British

Three symbols of British heritage, tradition and pageantry.

Dance Show 2011

University of Surrey end of year dance show

Copper Labyrinth

These images are from within a copper sculpture, which had a very rough exterior. There is a strong contrast between the smoothness of the interior and the sharpness of the edges of the spirals.

Marble Sculpture

A very amusing choice of material for this sculpture. This image's strength comes from the interplay of texture, colour and light reflection.

Lost detail

Detail of a building in the heart of the City of London. I look at the amount of craftmanship that went into this door frame and wonder how many people ever notice it.

Reading Glasses

Every time I look at this image I think of reading and learning and also wisdom, which comes from age.

Altered Perspective

I was trying to create the perspective you would get from using a tilt-shift lens. This produces a "toy" effect, as the brain gets a confused sense of where the point of focus should be. Shot with an Olympus Trip 35.
35mm Fuji Real, ASA200


There is an element of serendiptity about this shot. The flash did not fire and I was left with this evocative, low-key image. Whilst there was a lot going on in the background, the focus is well and truly on the model.
35mm, Fuji Superia ASA400