Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Red Hot

Another abstract image, that has been tinted red to give the impression of heat, untouchableness.

Blue Rivets

I was looking for subjects that would make good abstract images. I like the consistency of the colour and sense of infinity about the number of rivets on this bridge structure.

Gallery viewer

There is something about watching people viewing exhibts in art galleries that interests me. Maybe its the deep concentration on the viewer's face. I love the silouhette of my daughter in this picture and her reflection in the window.

On yer bike

One of my favourite images, shot on 35mm film. I love the shameless neglect of this bike, which was quite rusty, but is ridden to work every day by its owner.

French Landscapes

An overcast day, but I think this helped by creating diffused lighting and added to the calmness of the scene. These pictures were taken by the River Seine in Normandy, about 1 and an half hours drive from Paris, in Gaillard.


I have been looking forsome dramatic sunset seascapes for a while and found some in wonderful Margate.
Turner enjoyed the light here, too.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Golden kiss

I couldn't resist these candid shots of two lovers on London's Southbank at sunset. I loved the glorious light, and their lack of inhibition! The daisies hopefully give the image some depth. 
Captured with an Olympus E-P1, 42mm, f13, 1/25, ISO 200

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cover Girl

Images of Anna Friel shot from a magazine and rearranged as a collage. The Polaroid treatment of the smaller images represents the instant and ephemeral nature of celebrity.

Rally stage

It's hard to capture the sense of speed, the loud reports, whizzes and pops of the high powered engine, or the ferocity of the car skidding across gravel and dried earth. This is the closest I could get without resorting to video.

Tryptich: Green Tree

I saw this tree in the depths of winter and liked the strong lines of the branches and their randomness. As a tryptich, it enables you to look at each section in more detail; or appreciate it as a whole.

Best of British

Three symbols of British heritage, tradition and pageantry.

Dance Show 2011

University of Surrey end of year dance show

Copper Labyrinth

These images are from within a copper sculpture, which had a very rough exterior. There is a strong contrast between the smoothness of the interior and the sharpness of the edges of the spirals.

Marble Sculpture

A very amusing choice of material for this sculpture. This image's strength comes from the interplay of texture, colour and light reflection.

Lost detail

Detail of a building in the heart of the City of London. I look at the amount of craftmanship that went into this door frame and wonder how many people ever notice it.

Reading Glasses

Every time I look at this image I think of reading and learning and also wisdom, which comes from age.

Altered Perspective

I was trying to create the perspective you would get from using a tilt-shift lens. This produces a "toy" effect, as the brain gets a confused sense of where the point of focus should be. Shot with an Olympus Trip 35.
35mm Fuji Real, ASA200


There is an element of serendiptity about this shot. The flash did not fire and I was left with this evocative, low-key image. Whilst there was a lot going on in the background, the focus is well and truly on the model.
35mm, Fuji Superia ASA400

Friday, 25 February 2011

On reflection

I like the idea of photographs with substantial reflections. It allows me to stand apart from the scene, yet still be capable of capturing it. This image is taken of a large Christmas bauble on a tree in Richmond, Surrey. Click on the image to see the detail in the reflection.

Early morning fog

I've been thinking about taking a shot like this for some time. One which creates a mysterious, etheral image, that could have been shot any time in the past. I think this has been acheived here. It was a very early, cold day. The light was shifiting very quickly, as the fog began to lift and the sun rose higher. I missed several shots where the sun streamed through the fog, but I was happy enough with these images.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pylons on the roof of the O2 Arena

These masts have an almost nautical aspect to them, which is ironic as the dome they sit on is more like a sail itself.

Fuji Reala 35mm film, ASA 200
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Curved Reflections

There is a juxtaposition between the contemporary nature of this piece of sculpture and the historic buildings reflected back from it. The distortion from the curved surfaces appeal to our sense of fun.

The maximum recommended size for this image is 51cm x 41cm.
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Concrete Helter Skelter

A scary ride in near-darkness which, once begun, cannot be stopped. This is, in fact, a car park exit in Woking, Surrey. I have driven down this exit and it is quite exhilirating!

The image may be enlarged up to 1.5m x 1m.
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Life Through a Lens

These images would make a very good diptych, hung side by side to emphasize the notion of looking through sunglasses.

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Railway Track

This is an image of a railway track, viewed from an overhead bridge. The bars of the fence frame the track and draw the viwer's eyes to the horizon, suggesting movement. The bars are also a metaphor for the commuters' sense of incarceration on their train journeys to work.

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Thames River Boats

These boats, moored on the River thames at Richmond, draw the eye into the horizon.
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Two Women in a Gallery

These two women look down at an exhibit in a gallery, but they appear almost like sculptures themselves.
Fuji Reala 35mm film. ASA 200
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Consumed by Art

The woman inspecting this artwork is so engrossed she appears almost to be consumed by the artwork itself. The sparse nature of the setting draws the focus even more acutely to the woman and the object and makes the viewer more curious as to what the woman is looking at.

Fuji Reala 35mm film. ASA 200
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Grafiti Sprayer

This image manages to capture the concentration and creativity of the grafiti artist. The artist is listening to his iPod and is probably oblivious to the world around him.

This striking shot would work particularly well mounted in a lightbox due to the vibrancy of the colours.

Fuji Reala 35mm film. ASA 200
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Canal Images

A collection of canalside images. The use of black and white reinforces the fact that these scenes have hardly changed since the canals were opened.

Each individual image can be enlarged to 30cm x 30cm, producing a total artwork size of 1.5m x 0.9m; 90cm x 60cm; or 90cm x 90cm. The gap between each image can be varied at the time of framing.

This collection of images would look particualrly striking mounted in a lightbox.
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